vendredi 11 avril 2014

Parcs & jardins infra-ordinaire de Jacques Roubaud …(Tokyo)

. Do not pick flowers, break off branches or take seeds
. Do not catch insects or throw stones at the birds
. Keep off the fenced-in sections
. Be careful of fire. Do not smoke when walking. Smoke only
where ashtrays are provided
. Noisy acts, such as playing catch, jogging, choir singing and
dance are not allowed
. Peddeing*, handball distribution, commercial photography, shows
and meetings are prohibited
. Alcoholic drinks, radios and musical instrument should not be
brought to the park
. Paper scraps and other waste should be placed in the trash box at
the front gate

1. sur leau une pierre
pierre après pierre sur leau
Jacques Roubaud, Tokyo infra-ordinaire

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